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The radius of the circle is not actually increasing as time goes on (or: the plane is not approaching the ceiling). Constant circular motion. Air resistance in negligible.

Test Procedure:

Our group first tried to gather data using a (-n almost) friction-less cart. After spending a fair amount of time on this, we learned that our efforts, though noble and valiant, were futile. We then scrambled to put the jet back on the string and measure the radius of its path, as well as the time of its rotation. Before this, we found the jet's mass.

Data Collected:

Jet’s mass: 238.9 g; cart’s mass: 293.4 g; jet + cart displacement: 211.2 cm; jet + cart time: 7.69 sec; length of string: 81 cm; radius of jet’s path: 75 cm; jet’s circle: 7 rev / 9.53 sec



Recommendation and Justification:

The string should be able to withstand at least 12.4 N of force. While the calculations suggested a force of 6.2 N, it would be best to provide a string able to support at least twice the usual force. This should provide an acceptable safety zone.

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