Evaluation of Data - Part 2

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Parameter A

To change the amplitude, we added mass to the system.

A governs the maximum/minimum value of y because it is multiplied by the sine of (Bt + C). y is dependent on A.

Parameter D

Parameter D affected the graph by shifting all of the values up or down along the y-axis. This corresponds with the hieght of the mass hanger. To produce a symmetrical graph, one could set the zero position of the inside Logger Pro or adjust the height of the aparatus.

Parameter C

The value of C was nearly 0 or 2π because we enabled Triggering in Logger Pro and told the program to start collecting data when the mass was at the zero position. To begin collecting data at π/2, we would have to start measuring at the maximum displacement of the mass. To begin collecting at π, we would have to start collection when the mass is at the zero position (no displacement) halfway through one period.

Parameter B

Because 2π is equal to 6.28.

B = ω = 9.605 = (k / 0.2 kg) ^ (1/2) [Assuming we used 200 grams in our first run.]

k = 18.451

2 * 9.605 = (18.451 / m) ^ (1/2)

m = .049 kg = 49.99 g

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