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A. Single Slit)

     -As the slit gets smaller, the resulting interference pattern gets smaller, closer together, and more intense (or more crisp might be a better way of
      saying it)

B. Double Slit)

     -The double slit experiments yields results that look fairly similar to the single slit at a distance, however instead of being solid yet fading bars of light,         the large bars are made of very small bars of interference of varying intensity.

     -As the slits get farther apart, the individual small bars of light become bigger, farther apart, and less intense.

C. Diffraction Grating)

     -The reason that diffraction grating works like this is because takes a large angle for light to constructively interfere when D is so small

     -As the spacing of the grating goes up, the angle theta goes down, meaning the dot gets closer to the middle




The main equation that needs to be used is:dsin\left(\theta\right)=m\lambda


First arranging it for \lambda, we get the result \lambda=\frac{dsin\left(\theta\right)}{m}



From the rating of the diffraction grating (530 grooves per mm), we can obtain dby, \frac{.001m}{530}=1.887\cdot10^{-6}



However, finding \sin\left(\theta\right)is more involved.

We can construct a right triangle from measurements using a meter stick as such


           principal maxima  --->._a_
                                              \     |
                                               \    |b
                                             c \   |
                                                 \  |
                                                  \ |
                                       LASER SOURCE

Where b=2.565m, and a=.93m, then c=2.725m


Given this, the sin(\angle cb)= a/c

Therefore \sin\left(\theta\right)=\frac{.93}{2.727}=.341



Now with everything in place,




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